El Reino Del Mar

EL REINO DEL MAR (Kingdom of the sea) is the most recent musical project created by Raul Suarez, better known as RAH. who has been producing, playing, and singing in countless productions for more than ten years, EL REINO DEL MAR The band sounds like what EL REINO DEL MAR like to call “marine psychedelic” on RAH´s words “ A trip of urban rhythms and world music” a mix of Dub sound, electro, hip hop, Sukus, reggae, cumbia, and even dance hall only to name some of the musical influences the band has been working and mixing with. Among some of EL REINO DEL MAR´s most important collaborators is the Mexican Producer TOY SELECTAH, father of the newest Latin sound, the grammy winner Aureliano Mendez “ Panasuyo “ who is currently co- producing some of the most influential Latin artists, and bands such as CALLE 13; HETY N ZAMBO from San andres island, SONIDERO NACIONAL from mexico, And the Argentinian CAPRI among some. El REINO DEL MAR claims to be the first free band of the decade, not only for being totally free while creating their music, where every single song has its own singular sound, but for keeping them selves independent.


Culo de tigre @sangreytinta #Bogota #Colombia

Listo con mi copia #SonidoGalloNegro #Alderete @unoestudio

Joya triple que conseguí ayer en la feria del vinilo #DubEchoes
“Jamaican kings meet electronic futurists worldwide”

Anoche en Bogota con @GOYOCQT @Chocquibtown @freakycolectivo

Mas artistas inspirados por el mar y el R’io #Bogota

Peixe - Mateo Ayala #Bogota conectando con el @Reinodelmar

Muito obrigado galera mineira #belohorizonte em nossos corações, Brasil e’ muito mais que futebol

Volviendo a Colombia de #Belohorizonte con @andresjimenezjaramillo en hora buena!

@Reinodelmar en #Brasil Muito brigado #belohorizonte parabens!!! Linda noite @basstrickboy @rahdelreino #Ojosindios

BNegão & Seletores de Frequência @Bnegaooficial e @Reinodelmar @rahdelreino

El @Reinodelmar llegando a #Brasil apoyando a la selección y mañana tocando en #belohorizonte #conexãofest para celebrar pase lo que pase @basstrickboy

Colombia 1984 - Herencia musical y una buena tapa para la época

Llegaron por fin! Reino caps segundo encargo #ElReinodelMar y ojo que la mitad va pa Brasil!

@Reinodelmar en Brasil, São Paulo - Cine Joia - Praça das Artes @Rahdelreino 

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